Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social

Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social
The Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security

The Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security is the government department responsible for devising and implementing labour and social policy. It has a relevant role in regulatory tasks, planning social and employment policy, managing the social security system and coordinating the various bodies responsible for labour administration. The Ministry was preceded by various administrative bodies set up at the beginning of the century (in particular, the Institute of Social Reform and National Institute of Social Insurance) and was founded in the 1920s; since then it has, under various names, always been part of the state administration, constituting the nucleus of labour administration.

The management of the Social Security System is assigned to, among others: The Secretariat of State of Employment. It deals with the issues related to employment policy, job creation, developing and monitoring. The Secretary General of Emigration and Immigration. It is responsible for the migration policy which includes integration of immigrantís policy, and Spanish citizenship abroad. The Under-secretariat. This unit is in charge of coordinating the entire department, as well as preparing documentation for Cabinet debates, it has an horizontal approach of the Department policies and regulations.
The Ministry has relevant experience in social security international relations, as for example, the wide number of bilateral Social Security Conventions. Since 2012, this Ministry has a fluent relation with the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and is negotiating the Agreement on Social Security between the Kingdom of Spain and the Peopleís Republic of China.