S.I.S.P.I. ITALIA PREVIDENZA S.p.a. is a limited liability company incorporated in 2001 and 100% owned by INPS (National Security Institute).
According to the art. 3 of the Corporate’s Bylaws, the mission of the Company is to provide administrative and accounting products and services, including tax services, in the area of Social Security together with the collection of contributions and payment of benefits of supplementary pension funds. S.I.S.P.I. provides such products\services to both social security public and private social security Institutions\Funds, as well as other services related to the institutional tasks of INPS or other possible partners.
The Company provides global services to “Gestione Commissariale Fondo Buonuscita Poste”, which is a legal entity entrusted to pay to Poste Italiane S.p.a. employees, severance indemnity for the period before February 1998, date on which the Italian Postal Administration turned into a limited liability company.

Furthermore, S.I.S.P.I. supports INPS in managing services directly commissioned by the parent entity according to specific administrative needs. Such services include: